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Wayne Art Center

Course Registration System Responsive Website Dynamic Signage

Our converged services for this neighbourhood cultural gem include:

...A responsive website, with an extensible design language and expanded colour palettes to support the Center's special exhibition subsites under the same branding.

...Integration with a legacy registration system, allowing Center staff to enter program information and images only once—the website retrieves images and event information from the legacy system and returns visitors to it for order fulfillment.

...And a dynamic signage system which uses that same content to promote exhibitions, upcoming events, daily class schedules, and more. The signs, located across the Center, are location-aware and provide relevant wayfinding. The default program, showing classes, exhibitions and events, can run automatically for weeks without human intervention—or it can be overridden to highlight important programming or to recognize important supporters.

The signage system makes intelligent design decisions by analyzing the available event images. Based on the colour palette, resolution and aspect ratio of those images it will pick a complementary accent colour, choose regular or reversed type, and either crop or overlay the image.