Zero Defect Design

Zero Defect Design Services: Here’s what we do...

We design and develop websites

that are beautiful and engaging, optimized to display and perform elegantly on all kinds of devices. Some of our sites incorporate large quantities of event or collection data; others interface with legacy ticketing or class registration systems. In-house creative and technical services provide custom development, photography, music, audio and video editing, and more.

We build dynamic signage systems

that do things like inform visitors of your current and upcoming programs, offer wayfinding for events, and recognize important donors. Our custom management tools make them easy to update—often they can update themselves!

We create interactive exhibitions

that engage visitors with rich multimedia experiences. Intuitive and fun touchscreen interfaces bring content alive and present new ways to explore objects, meet historic figures, listen to recordings, watch video, and explore other places and times.

And we converge these systems,

tying them all together for you, with easy web-based management tools. We deploy your creative assets and branding across all platforms to maximize their potential.

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